Ukraine relief

Project Start date: March 2022

Amount donated so far: $5000

The Need

WellConnected is partnering with DP Strellman at the Greater Europe Mission USA to reach the needs of displaced Ukrainians in crisis. 

March 27th 2022 message from DP:

“Children are suffering. Homes are destroyed. Many have written to us asking how best to give. We weren’t sure. Everybody wants to help. But how? Many organizations are asking for funding, including GEM, to help with the refugee crisis. We were hesitant to ask and commit to manage these funds.

We hosted several families, but we could cover that cost. We know two different people at church who are taking thousands of dollars of aid into Ukraine to their church contacts who then redistribute it within the country. While refugees here have great needs, the people inside Ukraine are most on our hearts. We want to help them while we can. Even if the war stopped today, the country will have big needs for years. GEM leadership asked us to use our own GEM account #42605 to meet most needs, rather than rely on our central fund.

We don’t know all the details yet, but we are sure whatever you can give, we can use. Just let us know what is for Ukraine, so we don’t confuse it with our own personal support. Remember, despite the millions of refugees, over 90% of Ukrainians are still inside Ukraine, struggling to survive.”

in His harvest,
Dennis & Luiza Strellman

Mobile +36-30-640-5635      Skype  dennis.strellman

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