Orissa church rebuild

in 2008, the christians of orissa were faced with a severe persecution because of their faith. Homes were looted and destroyed, churches burnt and families torn apart. with your help, we were able to help fund the rebuilding of a new church in Orissa!

a letter from Pastor William John

Executive Director

Date. 19.02.2020
Dear Heather,
Greetings and God’s blessings to you in Christ Jesus our Lord.
I thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry what we are doing in India.
I am glad to share with you what the LORD has done in Odisha [formerly known as Orissa]
In Shipaiju, I saw a church which was totally burnt during the persecution in 2008. When I saw the church in that burnt condition then the Spirit of the Lord gave me burden to build the church building. Its like we read in the book of Nehemiah. The LORD filled me with burden to rebuild the burnt church and other church buildings in Odisha and other states too. I shared this with our church members in India and few friends in USA. The LORD provided finance to build the church which we have inaugurated on 13th Feb 2020.

Please pray that the LORD our God to provide all our needs. To build one church building we need US $ 5000. Even in Karnataka State, we are praying and planning to build church buildings in the villages of Karnataka. In this state we have to purchase the piece of land and build so the cost will about US $ 10000 – 15000. Please pray and support as the LORD enables you. I have to do so much work before my LORD JESUS Returns. Please join with me to do His great work. In regarding the funds which you gave, since you told me to use for the needy. Hence, I used the amount to buy Christmas gifts for 70 elderly widows and 11 elderly and sick men in all our churches in Karnataka. Moreover, every month we are buying and giving food items to 19 widows and 11 elderly men in Gauribidanur where you conducted medical camp.

Once again, I thank you for your earnest prayers for us. Thanks for your generous support.
Pastor William John

Orissa church before and after