Nepal Needs Water

Project Start dateSeptember 2017
Project Completion Date: April 20, 2019

Goal: To provide a clean, reliable water source to all of the people of the village of Kathmandu in Nepal by December of 2019, by raising the funds needed for a water transportation system.

Outcome: In April of 2019 a team of WellConnected volunteers traveled to Nepal to deliver the last funds and manual labor needed to see the project completed.There is now a well where once there was none, providing water to hundreds of people. 

The Need

Nepal has a current population of over 27 million people, and according to the World Bank is also one of the poorest nations in the world with nearly half of the population living below the poverty line. Having to dedicate so much of their time to finding, collecting, and hauling water has held these people captive for too long.

Water wells that villages have relied o for many years are now drying up due to population growth and rising temperatures. In Kathmandu, Nepal the well had only enough water for 10 houses.

Water is a basic human necessity and access to clean water should be a basic human right. In many countries however, lack of water or access to dirty water is the cause for illness, poverty, and even death. Lack of access to clean drinking water is a crisis that many Nepalese people are crippled by, specially in urban areas.

How We Help

Our ‘Nepal Needs Water’ project focused on providing a clean, reliable water source for the village of Kathmandu.

In September of 2017, a man named Bhim reached out to us requesting help to bring his village water. He told of how the local water source has dried up in the last years and now it is not even enough for 10-15 homes, and the nearest river is more than 35 minutes away. Their hope as a community was to raise the funds to lift water from a big river 1,500 meters away. The project requires water pipe, water pump, and a trans-meter box which is very costly.

The village was able to collect collected a total of 1,400,000 Rupees and needs 600,000 ($8,167.10) Rupees more to reach their goal of 2,000,000 ($27,223.66). Bhim’s wish from WellConnected was a $3,000 contribution to the overall goal.

Since the original connection with Bhim and a commitment to help his village get water, WellConnected volunteers have spent time in Nepal to see the project through and to provide help in other area as well. 

A team of medical professionals spent a week in Kathmandu providing medical testing and treatment.