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¿What makes WellConnected different?

100% of every dollar given goes toward program services. We have no paid staff. In fact, all volunteers raise their own travel funds and expenses thereby making 100% of your donations go directly to well planting and relief efforts.
Well Connected directly oversees the entire process to make sure your contributions go directly to the mission of planting wells where people drawn to water will have a better chance of hearing the Gospel message and coming to Christ.
Before digging a well, we secure guarantees directly from established, reputable, transparent and accountable local churches who know the people—and the need—in their communities, and more importantly, are completely on board with Well Connected mission to establish relationship, connect people and share Christ with hurting people who need to hear of His love!

 In providing such Christian churches, schools and orphanages with a valuable asset, their establishment is fortified and supported, and these well beneficiaries will have a better opportunity deliberately connect with their unchurched neighbors. Pastors, teachers and caregivers offering up prayer, support and fellowship (in addition to Well Connected supplied clothing, medicine and education), will hopefully yield an opportunity to share the love of Christ through such a connection.

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