India Needs Children's Home

Project Start date: June 2018

Amount raised so far: $5,000

Goal: $15,000


The Need

No child deserves to be abandoned, left homeless and hungry with no family or loved ones to care for them. Unfortunately in India, as in many parts of the world, this is the reality for many young boys and girls. They have even been coined the name “street children”, as the street becomes the only place for the children to live. In each of the three major cities in India, the streets are home to more than 1 million ‘street children’. There are some people who open their homes to these boys and girls and will care for them for weeks or months at a time, but there are too many children and not enough space for each of them to have a safe place to stay.

How We Help

WellConnected is partnered with Living Hope Association, an organization based in India that builds churches, children’s homes, day care centers, and widow care. Starting in 2012, Pastor William John had began planting churches around India, today he has more than two-hundred. In 2002, the first boys home was opened and in 2005 the first girls home was opened. Today there are 10 children’s homes with more than 1,000 children being housed in them. There is a school for the underprivileged children in Bangalore to provide free education including computer classes and more than 500 children are cared for in the 20 day care centers.

In 2016, WellConnected started to support these projects by raising money and sending volunteers to assist in construction and teaching. Most recently, in June of 2018 we funded a project to drill a bore well on the site of the next children’s home, the home will accomodate about 230 boys and girls and water is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, after 3 days of drilling down 1,600 there was no water. The whole project has been put on hold until there is access to a reliable source of water. If it is not possible to get water by a well, the other options are to buy water on a daily basis and store it in an underground tank or use water from the church bore well. WellConnected is passionate about seeing the project through, by any means necessary.

Children are God’s precious gift. It is our duty to help, nurture and educate them for better future. They are the future citizens & leaders of our world. When the children’s home is completed it will do this by providing them with food, education, and a place to sleep and feel comfortable and taken care of under careful and dedicated caretakers.

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