With your help, we have been able to sponsor the Sherpa family of four wonderful children, Dorje, Dolma and Furi, with newest member Aamosh.

We also sponsor Daniel Lama, the eldest son of Bhim and Guni Lama.

We have sponsored these families for five years, providing scholarships enabling them to receive an education.











Dear Heather,


Hello my dearest sister (didi) !! we hope that you and your all family are well and having good time there in your beautiful country. Me, Guni and Daniel are also fine. Few days ago we got message from Jennie and Don, you are very happy to help for Daniel's education and sent money to ICN. Yesterday, Jennie sent your help and other money to Suman tamang to help for Nepali students. We will get your help very soon from him. Thank you very much for your very very important help. Me, Guni and Daniel are so happy and grateful with you for your great help. We don't have any words to show you our happiness and respect you. You are so great for us !! You are helping us so many times !! For us you are represent of God and God had sent you in Nepal to help us !! You are not only sister but also really God for us (for my family and many Nepalese)!!

We had requested to Don and Jennie to find some more sponsors for Daniel's education. We wanted to request also with you but you had helped us so many times already. So, we could not ask you for more help for Daniel's education. You are my really great sister !

Didi ! I think Don and Jennie had already told you about our problem and situation of Nepal. After my mother's death my economic condition is very week because of her and father's treatment. The tourism and other business condition in Nepal is very bad because of Corona. Without tourist I don't have any good income. So, I requested to Don and Jennie to help for Daniel's education

We hope that the condition in your country is getting better and backed to normal. About Nepal it is becoming worse again because of open border between India and Nepal. In India more than 200000 (two hundred thousands) people are getting Corona positive everyday and thousands of Nepalese are coming back to Nepal from India. So, in Nepal new Corona victims are spreading very badly. The Government gave order to close all the restaurants, shops etc. after 7 pm, not to gather more than 25 persons and making plan to close all the schools and colleges very soon in bad effected cities including Kathmandu valley. But the class will continue by online (online class). We are so glad and feeling lucky to have friend (sister) like you. We got so great help from you in this condition. Me and Guni were so worried about Daniel's education because we don't have any income because of Corona problem.

Dear sister, my villagers always ask about you. They are very very glad and grateful with you for your help for water project. they want to say Namaste and want to give you warm regards. Now, our all villagers are depending on that water project, the other water source is totally dried. the villagers are making new water reserve tank with big capacity.

Didi ! thank you very much again for your great help ! please always stay safe and always be happy !! Give our warm regards to your all family. We always remember you and your kindly words. You are always great and very important for us !! We hope that we will meet again soon.

With Best Regards,

Bhim, Guni and Daniel


2022 update


Dear Heather,


We hope that you all are very well, happy and having great time there in your beautiful country!!

I was in my village for more than 1 month. My father passed away on 27th of January, so I went to my village for his ritual work and pray for his peaceful soul. Now, my old house where you had spent night is almost empty. Within 1 year 3 member (My mother, her sister and my father) had left from this world. It is very sad but we can’t do anything, this is God’s wish. Everybody should die some day.

Dear Sister! we hope that you had very happy and wonderful Christmas and New year with your all family. We are also trying to back to normal life. Now, I came back to Kathmandu and trying to get some part time job but very difficult to get new good part time job. The Corona problem is looks like going to under control if new variant is not appear. We have just little bit more than 100 new cases per day. May be by next season some tourist will come back to Nepal. We have little hope.

Thank you very much for your great and kindly help for Daniel’s education. If we did not get help from you our life could be very difficult because we don’t have any job for more than 2 years from the beginning of Covid. This is really hard time. We are depending on yours help and support in this condition. You are really great for us. I am so glad to have kindly sister in US like you who have great soul!! You are the best and represent of God!! You are helping not only for my family but also for my whole villagers by providing drinking water. Hopefully we will be able to do some thing soon or tourism business will come back to normal again soon.

Dear Sister, please stay safe and always be happy!! We always pray to God for yours good health, peace and very happy life!! And expecting to see you again in Nepal soon.        

With Best Regards,

Bhim, Guni and Daniel


heritage of Jacob peru mission

The mother’s name is Claudia. She is by nature somewhat anti-social, or perhaps a better description would be highly introverted. This appears to be one of many reasons, (certainly there are other reasons), she has been rejected and kept at a distance by her family and by the village. Her six children (the oldest, a teenager, has a male partner and child, living elsewhere) have four different biological fathers, not one of whom has taken any responsibility for their children. None of the children have birth certificates, which is one evidence of Claudia’s inability to participate in society. Without a birth certificate, the children have no national identification card and cannot legally attend school or get public health care. Last year, MHJ began reaching out with food and legal help to get birth certificates. It then came to our attention that this family, a single mother and five children, are homeless, and would go from place to place until told to leave. 

The rejection has left an obvious mental/emotional scar on Claudia, and I suppose it is inside of the children as well. Missionary organizations have identified the Peruvian culture as a “save-face” culture, and we have seen this to be especially true with extended family identity. The result is that Claudia’s family members who have homes have been the first to reject her, and the village community as well. This homelessness reached a crisis stage last week, and so we decided to offer our home in Sariapampa to Claudia and her children. There is one compassionate grandmother who is caring for the two older girls, for now, as apparently she has a place for them, and the capability of feeding them. Claudia and three of her children moved into our Sariapampa home last Friday.

This arrangement is considered to be temporary. Our MHJ leadership team has begun soliciting donations and physical labor help from area churches with the goal of building a small dwelling on MHJ land for this family. Claudia will hopefully begin helping us to work a plot of land and raise more animals. Today, I am going to town to buy a toy or two (get some smiles going) for these children who have nothing but a few clothes.


Thank you for walking alongside us in this work,